Vishu Cultural Festival 2018

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Laden with a series of activities both spiritual and fun-filled Vishu festival is a most awaited festival in Kerala. It is said to bring in prosperity along with joy. Prayers are offered to Lord Vishnu for his blessings and every care is taken to keep the ambiance spiritual.

The puja room has the specially made Vishukanni also known as Kanai Kanni arranged on anUruli. Gold coins and metal mirror are arranged in the Uruli along with special yellow coloured flowers, golden colour fruits like jackfruit and banana along with vegetables are placed. Akshatam made of turmeric and rice is considered to be very sacred for any puja.

On Vishu morning family member see Vishukanni as the first sight and thereafter the day begins. Various items veppampoorasam(bitter), mampazhappulissery(sour), Vishu kanji(salty) and Vishukatti(sweet) comprise of the sadhya(Vishu feast).

Children spend the day in excitement of wearing new clothes and they celebrate evening with firecrackers. Giving money to kids is also an important aspect of Vishu festival. People make merry in the evening by singing and dancing. The day is an eventful one and Hindu Malayalese look forward to this festival every year.

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