Picnic in the Park 2021

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The NAMAM picnic is an annual event to bring together NAMAM family members and friends into an atmosphere of happiness and togetherness. The Namam family successfully conducted this year’s “Picnic in the Park” event on June 13, 2021, Sunday at Johnson Park Grove 3, Piscataway, NJ. We humbly thank all members and friends of the NAMAM family for making this event a resounding success.

The event’s highlight was the Hawaiian dress code that brought a colorful and casual setting to the gathering of close to 100 people. Keeping up with Hawaiian traditions, attendees were greeted with leis – a necklace of flowers that is usually a token of Hawaiian welcome. On-site cooking and serving of more than 20 different varieties of dosas satisfied the attendees’ taste buds. Musical chair competition and bingo added to the fun. Women and children were treated with ice cream directly from the ice cream trucks. This was in addition to the fruits and rasagollas that were on offer.

NAMAM also celebrated the birthday of Karthik Sridhar, Meera Nair, and Swapna Rajesh by cutting cakes at the venue. Our Founder Mr. Madhavan Nair, President Mr. Sajith Gopinath, Secretary Mr. P. Vijayakumar, Treasurer Ms. Priya Subramaniam, and Cultural Secretary Ms. Malini Nair thanked all event attendees and congratulated the team for making the event a memorable one.

We, the NAMAM family, eagerly hope to see you all for all future events. Stay safe. Stay connected.

UPDATE: With accolades and congratulations pouring in from different quarters for the picnic event, NAMAM family friend Ms. Meera Nair has graciously created a vlog in her youtube channel showcasing our event. Thanks again Meera. Stay safe. Stay Connected.

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